Should You Do a Detox?

Doing a detox is a very popular thing, especially as we approach the spring season of renewal.  We open our windows, do deep cleaning and declutter. This process feels great!  We want to do the same for our bodies. 

Most detox programs involve drinking green smoothies or juicing. While you may feel better, this is only a temporary feeling because you may not have accomplished as much as you think. 

While adding amazing healthy greens and fresh real food juices to your diet is beneficial, it is not enough to help flush out the waste materials and built up toxins in your body. 

We are designed to constantly remove cellular and metabolic waste, through respiration, urination, bowel movements and sweating. Sometimes, our body systems are sluggish and bombarded with environmental toxins, harmful ingredients in our food and personal care products.

It is important to support all body systems that are designed to detox.  Activities such as using an infrared sauna, dry skin brushing, hydrating with clean water, eating real food as well as intermittent fasting are a great way to start.  The gut and liver also play a key role in detoxification.  This is where we need to focus our efforts to get started.

Without healthy gut and liver function in place, just consuming green juice will not be enough to support all the organ systems involved in detoxification.  Each step in the detox process is important to do in the right sequence.

A safe detox option is the 7-Day Hormone Reboot Challenge.  It is designed with a combination of fiber-filled raw foods and gut healthy foods.  This program is designed to  help your gut and liver detoxify and help you feel amazing.The recipes and shopping list is included so it is easy to follow.  

If you need help getting started or would like to sign up for the 7 Day Hormone Reboot Challenge, reach out to