Natural Ways to Decrease Inflammation

Inflammation is a hot topic of discussion. Most people are aware that prolonged inflammation can cause pain and damage to the body tissues. 

Short term inflammation is a good thing when you have an injury because it helps to signal the immune system and repair system to get to work. However, when the inflammation continues for a long period of time it can be like a fire out of control in your body leading to pain, fatigue, mood disorders, and sleep disruption.

Anti inflammatory medications can be found in every household. Commonly used over-the-counter medications are ibuprofen/Mortin, naproxen/Naprosyn and acetaminophen/Tylenol. While they are often effective at reducing the symptoms of inflammation, such as pain and swelling, they are not without side effects. Tylenol, for example, can cause liver injury if used in excess. Motrin and Naprosyn can cause bleeding and kidney injuries. 

Many people are seeking more natural ways to help reduce inflammation. According to the Harvard Department of Nutrition, many experimental studies show that foods or beverages may have anti-inflammatory effects. There are some foods that increase inflammation and some that decrease inflammation. 

Being aware of how certain foods can affect how your body feels is the first step.  Try to reduce foods such as refined carbohydrates and sugars and increase leafy greens, olive oil and fatty fish. It takes time, but your body will notice the change and you can reduce or eliminate the use of over the counter anti-inflammatory medications and the unwanted side effects that go along with their use. 

Using food as medicine has become more mainstream, but there is a lot of information out there and it can feel overwhelming, not knowing where to start or what to eat. If you would like to learn more about using natural ways to decrease your pain and inflammation, you can start by reaching out to an alternative health professional.  If you would like a FREE simple meal plan strategy, reach out to,1960s%20%5B3%2D5%5D.