Anna Oliveira

Alternative Pain Management Specialist

I understand pain and anxiety, both personally and professionally.  My personal experiences and professional education and certifications have allowed me to help improve the quality of my life and the lives of my clients.

As an RN, I respect the research and technology of our modern medical system.  As a holistic practitioner, I also realize the incredible power of the mind/body connection and our ability to use natural time-honored methods of restoring balance in our bodies.

While working as part of the Acute Pain Management Team in a hospital setting, I got to experience both the miracles and disappointments of modern medicine to help with pain and anxiety. There is no magic pill that works for everyone.  Instead, each one of us is unique and my mission is to help you find the right combination of traditional and alternative therapies to reach your goal of living your best life.

Since everyone is unique, I have studied many techniques to help people work through their struggles and find the relief they are looking for.


  • Registered Nurse
  • 940 hr. Professional Massage Therapy Program
  • 60 hours of John F Barnes Myofascial Release Training
  • 24 Hour Oncology Massage Training through the Society for Oncology Massage
  • Traveled to Thailand to study advanced Thai massage training and bamboo massage
  • Completed a 200 hour yoga teaching certification
  • Completed Dr. Amen’s Brain Health Certification Course
  • Completed the SHINE protocol Fibromyalgia Health coaching program
  • Completed a medical cannabis consulting program
  • Functional hormone educator 
  • Functional microbiome educator


Some of my favorite things…

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